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Quick Details

Adult Age 13 and over
Child 0-12 years old
Private Charter Up to 19 people
Adult Age 13 and over
Child 0-12 years old
Private Charter Up to 19 people


Our Oahu snorkeling tours take you sailing along the laid back coast of the North Shore to the best snorkel spots in the clear tropical water near the famous Waimea Bay.

Our snorkeling groups are small and personal (16 passengers maximum on a boat that is licensed for 19). You get to enjoy a peaceful snorkel away from the crowds in beautiful clear tropical water with the guidance of professionals.


Snorkeling Oahu’s North Shore is an adventure into an underwater paradise. The living reefs of Hawaii are host to hundreds of species of fish and other marine life. During our sail along the North Shore, we can observe sea turtles near the shore. We often encounter spinner dolphins as they come and escort our catamaran, surf the bow wave, and put on a great show as they cavort in the wake of our boat.

There is plenty of time for snorkeling and swimming once we arrive at our location. The snorkeling spots are home to sea turtles, and it is easy to come eye to eye with them while in the water. After exploring the underwater scenery, come back aboard the Ho’o Nanea for a delicious deli lunch and a cold drink.

We have all the snorkel equipment you need on board. If you have your own, you are welcome to bring it. Towels are not included on this trip. Please make sure to bring your own towels.

We have a few GoPro units available for rental, with up to 40 minutes of video recording per each snorkel tour. They are $65 each to rent and are on a “first come, first rents” availability. If you would like to rent one, please let the crew know upon check-in.