North Shore Catamaran Charters

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Whale Watching

Whale Watching season is December through April

Set sail for an amazing Hawaiian experience as we scan the waters for our kohola – or whales. Our Oahu whale watching tours are a must-do on your Hawaiian vacation and with our convenient and frequent departure times, our tours are the perfect choice for your whale watching adventure. Whether you’re of the mind that the early bird gets the worm, or whale in our case, and want to set sail in the morning or prefer to time your tour with a stunning sunset, we’ve got a whale watching tour for everyone!

Sailing & Snorkeling

Satisfy your need for an authentic Hawaiian experience while you also satisfy your need to relax on your Oahu vacation with our snorkel tours. Enjoy a leisurely ride across our island’s turquoise waters to a premier snorkeling destination for some time in the water discovering our abundant and diverse sea life. If you prefer to stay completely dry and relaxed on your trip, opt for one of our sunset cruises and have your camera ready to catch the gorgeous gold hues of a sunset on Hawaii.


Set Sail on the Ho'o Nanea for Oahu Whale Watching Tours and More

North Shore Catamaran Charters offers several types of tours that you are sure to enjoy. We offer the best whale watching on Oahu and the only whale watching tour on the North Shore, sunset tours, snorkeling tours (seasonal), and a sun and moon cruise.

Catamaran sailing is one of the most popular activities in Hawaii. Our sailing catamaran provides our visitors with a comfortable, smooth sailing experience. She can also safely pick up some speed and give you the true feeling of sailing without leaning or being splashed by rough water.

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Amazing Day

"We had an amazing day yesterday! We saw many dolphins racing the boat and a few turtles. The snorkeling was amazing and the crew was fantastic! Mark and Chris made us feel very welcome and treated us well. Mahalo and we will use again!"

Wonderful Cruise

"Wonderful sunset cruise to end our unforgettable Hawaiian trip! Thanks to Mark and Liam for a fantastic experience!"

Best Service on the North Shore

"My best friend and I came out for a sunset cruise this last week and had a blast. The boat was amazing and the people running the business were very nice. Some of the best service I have had on the north shore!"