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North Shore Catamaran Charters offers several types of tours that you are sure to enjoy. We are the oldest and most experienced whale watching company with over 40 years of spotting whales and making memories, as well as sunset tours and snorkeling tours (seasonal).

Catamaran sailing is one of the most popular activities in Hawaii. Our sailing catamaran provides our visitors with a smooth, comfortable sailing experience. She can also safely pick up some speed and give you the true feeling of sailing without leaning or being splashed by rough water.

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Set sail for an amazing Hawaiian experience as we scan the waters for kohola (whales). Our Oahu whale watching tours are a must-do on your Hawaiian vacation, and with our convenient and frequent departure times, our tours are the perfect choice for your whale watching adventure. Whether you’re of the mind that the early bird gets the worm — or whale, in our case — and want to set sail in the morning or prefer to time your tour with a stunning sunset, we’ve got a whale watching tour for everyone!

  • Whale Watching season is December through April


Satisfy your need for an authentic Hawaiian experience while you also satisfy your need to relax on your Oahu vacation with our snorkel tours. Enjoy a leisurely ride across our island’s turquoise waters to a premier snorkeling destination for some time in the water discovering our abundant and diverse sea life. If you prefer to stay completely dry and relaxed on your trip, opt for one of our sunset cruises and have your camera ready to catch the gorgeous gold hues of a sunset on Hawaii.


Whale watching

I booked a last minute sunset whale watching cruise with North Shore, and I had a wonderful time. The captain and his second were both very nice, offering us drinks and lots of lore about the whales and the island. Despite the rains nearby, we stayed dry the whole time, and the captain guided us directly to a pair of Humpbacks that were feeding nearby. A nice additional touch was staying out on the water for an extra half-hour to catch the entire sunset, which was gorgeous. Highly recommended!

– thewittyname | TripAdvisor
Excellent day of whale watching

We had a great time and saw at least 8-10 whales including a young calf. The boat was well run and the crew were great. The hydrophone to listen to the whales was awesome! Highly recommend.

– Matthew H. | TripAdvisor
Wonderful family outing

We had an amazing time with Captain Mark and Skye! Our family of 10, including an infant, went out on their catamaran. They were wonderful hosts, and super accommodating. We saw tons of dolphins, several whales and a couple of turtles. They were very engaging with our young adults and taught them how to spot the animals, making a wonderful and interactive tour. I would definitely recommend this company and will go again when we get the chance.

– Brandilm1233 | TripAdvisor

I would give North Shore Catamarans 10 stars if I could. Amazing cruise. A young whale breached several times near our boat. Then the mother breached and the youngster breached several more times. What an amazing sight! The boat was very stable & comfortable. The crew was delightful. We highly recommend North Shore Catamarans.

– JEBadventures | TripAdvisor
Small Boat Big Adventure

Unlike some of tours available on the south side of the island this tour does not put 200 people on a boat. The small boat held about 20 people and was the perfect size. I braved the nets and got splashed a bit by a few passing waves but it was loads of fun! February is peak whale season. We saw so many whales waving their fins and tails at us I lost count. We even got to see a a few break the water as they swam, and 1 even did a spiral flip for us. It was truly an amazing experience. The crew helped point out the whales in the distance, so we wouldn’t miss any. They were friendly and professional. I highly recommend the drive up to the North Shore! It was definitely worth it!

– Laura L. | TripAdvisor
Whale Watching tour

We went out at 0930 for a whale watching tour. Crew/staff was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. We saw a bunch of whales, got to listen to them and swim in the deep ocean. We also saw some dolphins toward the end and spent a little extra time trying to get a better look. Photographer captured some great pics of whales and our group and sold them for a reasonable cost. Would choose this company again.

– Shelly B. | TripAdvisor
Great experience!

My daughter and I were on the whale watching tour. It was my daughter’s 3rd With this company. We have both been on tours and what I liked about this one. The captain and crew member were very nice. We did get to see a whale breaching and blowing, turtles and a shark. The crew also let us listen to the whales and it was so clear and amazing. Also when we were going into port the crew had a guest blow 3x into a HUGE Conch shell to let everyone now we were coming in. Lots of Fun!

– Christine R. | TripAdvisor
A wonderful experience with a great crew!

This is a must do! It was great to be out at sea to view the island from a different perspective. Of course the sea life and the sun set was equally as great! Good job to the crew. They are very informative and friendly.

– Brett E. | TripAdvisor